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mTouch Labs is a top web and Mobile application development company in Hyderabad sets a new path in developing short video sharing apps from India. Indian app Dubshoot developed by mTouch Labs has gained huge popularity among the people of India. After the ban of Chinese rival Apps Dubshoot has witnessed a spike in the number of downloads. Dubshoot features content creation tools and various dub making, lip-sync making songs, videos and audio clips etc. Our mobile application development company has shown a keen interest in developing the best social networking app for India. As an Initiate of Aatmanirbhar Bharath, our android and iOS mobile app development company in Hyderabad has kept a lot of effort by using various cutting edge technologies. Our professional mobile app developers team worked round the clock to provide all our customers a seamless and beautiful short video sharing app experience.

mTouch labs app developers claim that the Indian app Dubshoot social networking app keeps user data safe and secure within the country, unlike Chinese apps. Many Indian apps came into existence after the ban of the Chinese app but the Dubshoot app came into the spotlight which was developed by mTouch labs a renowned mobile app development company in Hyderabad. Dubshoot app having almost all the features of those Chinese apps and treated as the Perfect alternative short video sharing app from India.

Coming to the mTouch labs located in Hyderabad specialized in developing Android and iOS mobile app development. Dubshoot which is a dub making app and lip-sync app has been developed only for the android users. Soon it will be into the apple store with more effects and filters. Our mobile application development company working thoroughly in developing the best social networking app for India.  mTouch Labs has been featured in the news and Social media for Producing the best dub making app, lip-sync app for India. We develop any Android and iOS app development which satisfies your requirement at an affordable cost.

Web and Mobile App Development Company in Hyderabad-India offers the best website designing, web application development,  Android, and iOS app development with an interactive User interface (UI ) that has a better user experience. We make sure your website and mobile app stand out to give you an edge over competitors, innovative technologies, less loading time and load handling, mobile-friendly applications. Our web and mobile app development company in Hyderabad creates attractive, functional, and innovative user interfaces to leverage the features and reach of mobile devices of Android and iOS Apps. Being the leading web and mobile app development company in Hyderabad, and by having the best mobile app developers team, we have already created differences in industries like e-commerce, education mobile apps, food delivery, healthcare mobile apps, real estate app, etc.


Mobile apps have become a necessity in the present era. We are technology leaders in the space of an android app development company in Hyderabad. They are various platforms and sources for developing an Android application. But the development of an Android app using cutting edge technologies makes your mobile app stand at the top. Our professional Android app developers are skilled and develop the app using innovative ideas makes us the top Android app development company in Hyderabad. We help you in expanding your market by using the mobile platform at its best and utilize our potential to reach a larger section of customers. mTouch Labs makes the use of the most advanced tools and technology and there is continuous support from our android app development company in Hyderabad.


The growing demand and reputation have made Apple iPhone more of a necessity than a luxury for businesses. Being one of the top iOS app development company in Hyderabad adopts a systematic approach, aimed towards delivering a quality end product. Creating and developing an iOS mobile app is a crucial part of the growth of any business however creating the same is a complex act. Our iOS app development company in Hyderabad has a team of skilled developers and designers who can give life to your innovative ideas and develop Apps for iPhone and iPad. Apple offers its own interface elements, development tools, and standardised SDK. mTouch Labs is a highly professional iOS app development company in Hyderabad to design and develop your business requirements



Android Applications is a mobile software application developed for the use of mobile devices powered by Google’s Android platform. These apps are available in the Google Play Store, the apps can run on Android smartphones, tablets, Google TV and other devices.

Our Android mobile app design company in Hyderabad has revolutionized the software industry. Buying, shopping, selling, renting and hiring were difficult tasks before app development but now it is in your hands. The applications within your phone have made life easier and it is benefiting various businesses in many ways. Android Mobile App Design company in Hyderabad provides a platform to promote and increase your business. PCs and laptops are replaced by mobile and tablets, so mobile application development is a business requirement in this competitive age to target more and more audiences to increase your business. It is always a great idea to go for the best mobile app design company in Hyderabad for whatever business you are doing. It doesn’t matter. It will surely bring your business at the peak. At mTouch Labs Pvt. Ltd. we are proud to offer a range of native mobile app development services, including Android app design in Hyderabad.

In the present day, the development in the Smartphone convention has been inspiring for so many companies. mTouch Labs one of the fast-growing app development companies dealing with the iOS app development company in Hyderabad. The one gadget that has made the need of present human hands, keep them occupied with different apps introduced in the cell phones. As one of the top iOS app development company in Hyderabad, mTouch Labs hold more professional app developers, who are excellent that they provide the best IT solutions for enterprises. We take satisfaction in our customer supporting the expertise and our former projects made us stand in the list of top iOS app development company in Hyderabad.

The IT organizations in Hyderabad have used statistics of almost 45 percent of the total supply of two and a half million of the IT experts of the nation. Also, the Hyderabad city estimates for the extraordinary rate of exportation in the field of information technology in the country. As the city of IT, Many mobile App development companies in Hyderabad started and upgraded their technologies to serve customers in the field of Android application development and IOS application development.

In the present era, Mobile app development for Business is trending to attract more customers and to increase the productivity of companies’ products and services. To be a success in the mobile application development business, firms must hire top mobile application development companies in Hyderabad that they will build a user-friendly app that suits your business to deliver more activities in a way to attract customers and build customer loyalty. The best web and mobile app development company in Hyderabad will follow the high-quality standards and latest technologies to develop mobile apps for both Android application development and iOS application development platforms.

The mobile application development lets a business owner run a various degree of marketing activities with the help of mobile applications. Thus mobile applications transform the businesses and take them to a level where it can generate enough fortune for the owners. Top iOS application development and Android Application development companies in India are helping micro, small, medium and even fortune companies in developing high-grade mobile applications thus enabling them in forming a strong foundation among their potential customers.

On the additional guidance, choosing the best development companies is a strong pressure. So here you can go through our portfolio before choosing for the best mobile apps builders in Hyderabad. Here at our mTouch labs, we are specialized in developing Hybrid mobile apps, Flutter apps and UI/UX Design for the mobile application.

Which one would be better to develop :

iOS App Development or Android App Development?

At present, there are almost 5 billion active mobile social users. This is a market you can’t ignore. If you still don’t have a mobile app for your business, then it’s the time to get one mobile application. Android app development and iOS app development are the two main mobile operating systems nowadays. As the usage of smartphones increases everywhere, the world of mobile app development is developing along with it due to growing business needs and user preferences. But mobile app development proves to be a complex endeavor, and from the very beginning of the process companies and developers are faced with a challenging question:

Should we go for an Android mobile app or an iOS mobile app? Which one should you go with when building a mobile apps? iOS, Android, or perhaps both?

Since the beginning of android development in Hyderabad, mTouch Labs has been there. Our mobile android app development company in Hyderabad team consists of top-class designers, app architects, mobile strategists, and product managers. Before Crafting the mobile apps our expertise team in user interface design digs into research to see how user-friendly the app is. Our best android app development company developers leverage the full functionality of the android operating system to create a perfect app to enhance the user experience. We believe that the best mobile application for you will be simple, elegant, classy, beautiful and functional by nature. As a top android app development company in Hyderabad, mTouch Labs, Hyderabad is backed by expert android app developers.

We at mTouch Labs do take pride in being recognized as one of the leading iOS app development company in Hyderabad. mTouch Labs team consists of designers and developers who are well versed with the latest android and iOS versions and technologies and experts in mobile UI designing and development of the application. mTouch Labs is a reputed iOS app development company in Hyderabad who has proven expertise in developing and designing quality apps that appeal to a worldwide audience outsourcing various iOS app requirements.

Since the launch of Mobile Apps in 2008 for the first time, a brand new booming industry has been created, and without much delay, people have begun to adopt the concept of “There is a mobile app for that.” Later on, every business has begun to attempt a Mobile Strategy. It helped to give birth to companies like Ola, Uber Zomato, Swiggy, etc.

But the real question is :

Do we actually need a Mobile app Development for My business??


Well, if you have an mobile app for your business that is great,  here are the two questions you should ask yourself “How does Mobile apps is going to add value for My business” and “How does Mobile app is going to add value to my customers or users

If you can note down few points for the above two questions and start analyzing, you will be able to make a decision whether your business needs Mobile app or not.

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The attraction for even small, medium and local businesses to develop their own mobile application is completely acceptable. An app that gains your traction with customers can be a significant way to boost business. Mobile apps that are installed on the phone via an app store or apple store have a few advantages over web apps, which are accessed via a browser. Essentially among them are smoothness and speed of the user interface.

Flutter is a cross-platform application development framework by Google that offers various features and abilities. Using the Dart application as a language and our flutter app development company in Hyderabad is specialized in making the best flutter mobile apps in Hyderabad for every business.

Flutter application is innovative method of archives, libraries and widgets makes the creation of beautiful apps fast and easy. We are a Flutter app Development Company in Hyderabad providing our services since the time it was introduced by Google. Our best Flutter app development company in Hyderabad has helped a lot of companies level up their digital solutions using Flutter and we have delivered several apps in the technology so far! Flutter is not only the cross-platform app development framework in the ‘market.’ There are several other frameworks like React Native, which provide similar kinds of service by employing different methods in the flutter app development process. mTouch labs best flutter app development company in Hyderabad provide complete mobile application for affordable price and quality work of time.

Shop, order your favorite food, save money, hire a cab or anything else online, which device do you pick up instantly to carry out all these activities?

Yes, smartphone, yes!

Today Android is the world’s most popular platform for mobile devices. Android brings Google and the whole internet to the users of smartphones, tablets, iPads and other mobile devices. In the process, it is changing how we are communicating with one another. At mTouch Labs, the best Android app development company in Hyderabad includes experienced and professional Android app developers.


Here is some detail about the mobile application development:


As a leading Android app development company in Hyderabad, mTouch Labs has wide experience in creating high performance, beautifully designed, feature-packed and digitally transformative native smartphone apps for the major mobile platforms iOS and Android. Using an agile development method to deliver our best android app development company in Hyderabad. Our mTouch Labs expert smartphone app developers can create the right solutions that will meet your user business requirements. mTouch Lab’s smartphone application development provides an end-to-end solution to the customers that includes analysis, design, development, testing, and delivery in the early days of the smartphone applications era. Mobile applications went through a similar evolution as the first websites. At first, the mobile apps and sites were totally included within themselves and worked as little more than static ads for the development of brand, company, product, or service.However, as connectivity and network capabilities improved, the smartphone apps became increasingly connected to sources of data and information that lived outside of the app itself. These apps became more dynamic as they were able to update their UI and content with data received over the network from queries to data sources.

Our main vision is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for every business by designing the right product for them by adopting the appropriate technology in the field of IT.

mTouch Labs offers a complete set of services to help you develop and publish Android apps

Finding a mobile application development Company in Hyderabad? Then your search ends here. mTouch Labs is the No.1 mobile application development Company in Hyderabad. We have top Mobile App Developers. mTouch Labs is a mobile app development company in Hyderabad with a knack for creating dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly mobile applications for its clients.mTouch Labs the best Award-Winning mobile app development company specialized in IOS app development, android app development, and Web application Development company in Hyderabad.


We have complete knowledge of the work and all our services are available at affordable charges. We are the diamond among the brands of a mobile application development company in Hyderabad and pride ourselves on offering excellent services by our mobile app development in Hyderabad. Our customer base is increasing day by day and this itself speaks of the excellent services provided by our professional team. mTouch Labs is the only answer to all your online marketing needs to ensure a growing online business.



mTouch Labs offer iPhone app and iPad app services regarded as the best iOS app development company in Hyderabad. We have skilled app developers who develop iOS apps that are flexible, beautiful, upgradable, handy and simple. It is necessary to understand the various knowledge and requirement industries, companies and businesses for an effective iOS mobile application development in Hyderabad. We use advanced upgraded technology with the current version of their software, developmental tools, and mobile application development procedure to develop exceptionally good iOS mobile application development in Hyderabad.

We are the most strategically inclined android app development company in Hyderabad. For start-ups, it comes as a resource platform to give a boost to their business. For large-scale companies, it becomes a great factor to expand and stay connected to their varied customers all over the world. Android app development company in Hyderabad is cost-efficient and is available for everyone. We stress proper and focus analysis of all the current trends and their requirement in the mobile application development. We’ve proven track record among android app development companies in Hyderabad to provide excellent Web & Mobile Apps.

Dubshoot mobile app is our mTouch Labs best in house mobile app which got published on Eenadu newspaper.

Dubshoot is an app that allows you to create lip-sync videos. You can sync to any videos, songs, dialogs and many other famous audios & voice clips. Dubshoot app allows you searching for various categories of voice clips from its library. Once you are done with creating a video, you can either save or share with your friends via multiple social media platforms. This application features audio clips and sounds from different countries and different music genres. You can also watch videos from other creators in the Dubshoot app and follow them.

Dubshoot is one of the major mobile application development from mTouch Labs which cannot just be created by anybody. Experienced, professional and skilled mobile app developers can create or build the Dubshoot app in your mobile unit. They say that it is not easy to create a Dubshoot, aside from being expensive, you should devote a time to carry on the whole process.

Having said that, we at mTouch Labs are providing the best mobile app developers to build and create Apps like Dubshoot. As we said, it is definitely not an easy task and project to work on but the range of experts that we provide to work on your project will definitely serve the best out of the best from our mobile application development team. Our mobile app developers believe in the quality, we believe in on-time delivery and we believe in providing you the world-class apps across the world.

If you are interested to develop an app like Dubshoot but don’t know the cost To develop a video messaging app like Dubshoot? Get in touch with our mobile application development company and know more about our services that we offer all in a pocket-friendly budget as per your business requirements.

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