Since the launch of apps in July 2008 by Apple for the first time, a new industry is created and without much delay people started to adopt the concept of “There is an app for That”. Subsequently every business has started going Mobile Strategy. And the same helped to give birth to unicorn companies like UBER, Lyft, Ola etc.

But the question is : Do I really need an app for My business??

Well if you have an app for your business that is great, but here are the two questions you should ask yourself “How does Mobile apps is going to add value for My business” and “How does Mobile app is going to add value to my customers or users

If you can note down few points for the above two questions and start analyzing, you will be able to make a decision whether your business needs Mobile app or not.

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Shopping, ordering your favorite food, saving money, hiring a cab or any other routine activity online, which device do you pick up at an instant to carry all such activities?
Smartphone, right!
Well, it is same with every one of us. Our cellular device has emerged as a real friend in need and is playing a crucial role in simplifying our daily tasks. However, staying up-to-date with the latest trends of mobile app development has become order rather than merely an option.
Here are some info related to app development:
1. Faster Mobile Development:
Organizations are experiencing an intense stage in pacing up with the expanding interest for versatile applications. With these dynamic requests, organizations are contending to dispatch their items and benefits speedier than any other individual does.
2. Driven With Cloud Technology:
Blasting cloud innovation relied upon to assume a crucial part in the application improvement is uprising.
Other than that, there are different organizations chipping away at cloud-based application advancement stages. Designers provided with finished device chains for building an application, consistent mix, testing and presenting their applications in the app store.

3. Security In Apps:
Security will in any case remain a major test in versatile applications. It has turned into a desperate need today that engineers take security issues like unreliable information stockpiling, unintended spillage of information, broken cryptography and so forth genuinely.
4 . Wearable Tech:
Credit goes to the Apple Watch – wearable innovation turned into the sultriest subject in the business of buyer gadgets. The vast majority of the wearable gadgets grew so far were concentrating on wellbeing and wellness.
5. Mobile Banking, Payments and M-Commerce: