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How to decide Native vs. Hybrid App?


08 Sep How to decide Native vs. Hybrid App?

There are three development types available when it comes to Mobile App development. Native, HTML5 and Hybrid. You need to ask below questions before deciding the app development strategy.

1) Do you want to use native features in the Mobile App? 

Some apps needs to use native features of phone like Camera, GPS and Sensors. In that case better to go for Native Development.

2) How quickly do you want to take it to the market?

If you have very short time to lunch the app, go for HTML5 or Hybrid strategy

3) Do you have separate budget for developers in iOS and Android (considering that they dominate the market share)?

Go for native if you have ample budget and time to go for market.

4) How often do you need to update your mobile app?

Go for Hybrid if the app needs continuous updates.

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