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SS Enterprises also known as Shiva Sai Enterprises supplies both B2B and B2C grocery delivery businesses. As a top-notch Grocery App Development Company, we hold the right expertise to build an on-demand grocery delivery app for SS Enterprises which provides solutions for a single store, multi-store, and in bulk wholesale also.


Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development for Customers


With the increase in the ratio of dual-income, a number of working women, and also time forced to buy fresh fruits and veggies every day, there arises the need for online shopping for this. Freshness, Ease of Availability,  Variety, Convenience, and all types of fruits, dairy, and veggies at one store is what the customer demands.


Fulfill the demands of customer’s needs by building an eCommerce mobile app development for your own grocery store and boost up your sales. Serve them with fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products at their doorsteps by empowering them to access your store at their fingertips.


Starting the grocery business is easy but the main thing is its survival. This sector is loaded with many challenges from producers to consumers. Small-scale farmers have to sell their product to the distributors and they receive only 30-35% of the profit. In developed countries, small-scale and large-scale producers are taking the advantage of developing fruit and vegetable business management apps and getting 100% of their hard work. Moreover, with grocery ordering and delivery apps, they don’t need to visit the market to examine consumer behavior. They can target potential customers through in-app integrated analytics.


In developing countries like India, the competition in the grocery mobile application development this market can even beat with a single penny. Every vendor has similar kinds of fruits and veggies but the price differs. Grocery business owners are adopting the new trend for their business to target the local segment by online grocery delivery business software. There is a continuous demand of customers for healthy and quality products. But the unmatched level of increase in demand and supply inspired many young organizers to invest in on demand online grocery delivery business app development. But with the online grocery ordering app and delivery application, they can even run a business aggregator and manage the business on a single panel.

Features – On Demand Grocery Shopping Application



Manage Stores


Admin can manage stores by adding and removing stores, check their active status on the app, take actions like adding a new store list.


Driver Management


Admin can control all driver details, add and update their profile info and check their current activity status.


Manage Payments & Commission


Admin can have all the received online payment status and set the commission percentage with every Store partner.


Reporting and Analytics


Admin can perform actions, make strategies, and have actions like reporting and analytics tools.


Manage Orders


Admin can access the order status like completed or processing, and the total amount earned on each order, and also have the control on taking actions on them.


Manage Menu Item Categories


Admin can get a list of items from the store partners, arranged by adding them category wise, updating and making them available for ordering.


Manage Customers


Admin can have complete information about the customers like their phone no, email id, zip code, status, and edit/manage them easily.

Customer App


We are a top tier online grocery mobile app development company in India that has built a wide range of mobile apps for businesses across the world enabling customers to shop grocery items online sitting at home/work. Whether you need a mobile application or a website to reach out to more potential customers, we can help you in developing mobile applications  with real-time tracking to ensure perfect delivery time of all orders at the customers doorsteps.





User Registration

On the grocery mobile app, customers need to register with all the primary details which include name, email, contact, address, etc.


Search Products

Customers can quickly search the product by the search alternative option on Grocery delivery App.


Order Items

When looking for the item in an on-demand grocery app, customers will add their desirable things to the cart and will order.


Schedule Delivery

Grocery mobile app was developed in such a way that the customers will program their delivery items in accordance with their own preferable time.


Pay Online

Throughout the procedure for grocery app development via API, the stage utilizes integration with different payment modes like UPI, NetbankingPaytm, debit/credit cards etc.


Track Grocery Item

Customers can track their order in Real time on an online grocery ordering app. 


B2B Supplier Grocery Delivery App Development 


Shiva Sai Enterprises consists of grocery delivery apps for business where they supply in bulk manner and wholesale price.


In these kinds of stores, the user gets a bulk list of items from the stores where users select the product from the list of the chosen store. Once products are added to the cart and payment is processed, the user gets the confirmation notification. The delivery of the grocery items is taken care of by the store owner and can easily track the order status.

The single platform of such an app makes you connect with multiple stores nearby you.


Ready to Build Your Online Grocery Mobile App?


It’s time to give your customers a prominent way to shop for their groceries sitting at home! Talk to our mobile application development experts and scale up your online grocery business with our robust and reliable grocery delivery app development solutions.

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