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Cook-a-doddle is the UK’s leading hospitality and cooks recruitment agency and consultancy for the restaurant business. Right from chefs for café, chefs for hotels, and chefs/cooks for the restaurants, it proffers trained manpower in terms of international cook placement and also provides the best chefs for various events, celebrities, etc. Cook-a-doddle is an on-demand chef management web development and mobile app development that sets a platform for supporting the industry’s leading Chefs by finding and encouraging talented and passionate professional individuals to match their ambitions. The hotel and restaurant industry in India has evolved tremendously over the past few decades, and cook-a-doddle on-demand chef management website development and mobile app development has been at the forefront as one of the most trusted chef recruitment agencies operating at the national level. Cook-a-doddle is a one-stop solution to all restaurant, cafe, hotel, and catering needs. The On-Demand chef hiring sector has emerged rapidly over the past decade and cook-a-doodle has been at the forefront supporting the cooking industry’s elite to increase their empires both here in the UK and abroad. This cookadoddle is having a web and mobile app development containing all the features like hiring the chefs, counseling them, scheduling the tasks, etc. On-demand chef management website development and mobile app development company have gained trust by hearing our client’s and candidate’s needs, delivering a bespoke first-class service throughout the hire a chef process. With this in mind, Cook-a-doddle has formed long-lasting relationships that are recognized within the cook on-demand industry by finding an array of long-lasting professional chefs which has enabled our web and mobile application development company clients to be successful.




Introducing On-demand Chef Hiring Agency in the UK



Chef Sign up


As this cook-a-doddle web development and mobile app development is On-demand Chef Hiring Agency in UK Location so that the users can select the cook/chef as per their interest. The cook might specialize in cooking continental, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian, or maybe something else. Users can opt for their desired cook as per their preferences in this On-demand Chef Hiring Agency Website. Users applying to specific posts can update their own flexible timings and can suggest the most appropriate routes to be taken. This is a very generic feature of an On-demand cook finder website. In this On-demand Chef Hiring Agency users can enter the number of hours working during which they choose to avail of the cooking services.


Admin Panel


Admin Side consists of Multiple sections. Details filled at the signup section will be shown in the below sections





Chef Enrolment

Cook-a-doddle on-demand chef hire website having a chef enrolment section where all the details filled in the signup section appears here. Details like  Culinary Expertise, Location of work and chef experience, etc.. shows here. Here the admin has access to Chef, Documents, and timings of the user. Admin verifies each step and the user. Admin can either accept or decline the user after verifying all the details. Verified users will be moved to the Chef management section. Declined users can also be reactivated based on admin interest. Admin can check the pending, accepted, decline, and reactivated user in the ALL dropdown section


Chef Management

The chef management section of this finds a chef web is to manage all the chefs. The approved user in the enrolment section will be shown here. Admin also has the option that he can remove the verified users. Here also admin has the section like chef, documents, timings, and menu. This entire find a chef managing work will be done here.

This time chef businesses and startups have got a new way to make revenues with the support of the On-demand cook finder web development. Well, yes they can help the users to find a cook for meeting their cooking needs. Well, this is very much admired by today’s user community, and thus, investing in this will for sure preserve a high user base.


Cook-A-Doddle – A Chef Requirement Agency providing a fine dining experience in the UK



With the help of the On-demand chef management website and a chef requirement agency in the UK, the businesses can allow the users to find reliable and professional chefs right at their location and will serve them sumptuous meals be it Italian, Chinese, Indian, or Thai. Since the food lovers are all around this, the chef recruitment agency is very keen to board on the On-demand cook finder website development and mobile application development to their business for hiring the best chefs. Here you will find the various developmental features strategies for delivering the best On-demand chef finder web development.


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