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Cut me Out is the best photo editor app with multiple features and effects as mentioned. In this photo editor app, we can Cut out sections of an image in any shape and paste it to selected background photo using the Cut Me Out best photo editing app. Erase the background, overlay text on pic, many font styles for writing, adding funny stickers, create flip effect, twin effect, crop image and create beautiful collage and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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How To Use Cut Me Out photo editor App

  • Choose a photo from your phone Photo Library or use your camera to take a fresh photo.
  • Cut out the image section in the app and crop it as you want it to be placed.
  • Select your own Background from the list and, with a single click, the selected image will be placed on the selected background using the Cut Me Out App – Best Photo Editing App.
  • You can edit it in many ways, such as erasing the background with Different brush sizes, attaching funny stickers with the added image on the image, and overlaying the text you love on the picture, you can make a twin effect, a flip effect, and by doing all this you can create a stunning collage.
  • Once it done in your own custom way, you can share it on all social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. if you want to share it.

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