Hybrid Application Development

When you start choosing your solution to create a new mobile app, you often face a wide range of alternatives but don’t know where to start. Is it the right choice to create your mobile application with native solutions only? Does your team only have to accept growth in web technology? And what about the hybrid solutions? These are among the many questions that arise from the discussion of the best way to do business. mTouch Labs is best known as the hybrid app development company in India that helps you to solve these all queries. Find the best possible and trending hybrid app development services such as ionic1, Xamarin, PhoneGap, ReactNative, Framework 7 and Sencha touch. As a Hybrid app development company, we are able to meet your specific requirements.




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The creation of hybrid mobile apps helps you to use the best of both mobile and native technologies. mTouchLabs can help you reduce the cost of building robust apps that can benefit your business.The hybrid development application could be the right choice as it provides an easier approach to development, cost savings and platform compatibility.



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  • Our qualified development associates are equipped to provide high-quality hybrid application development services at very affordable prices with good quality.
  • Monitoring robust quality assurance to ensure reliable apps on all popular platforms.
  • We create a perfect combination of Native app accessibility and web app functionality with our hybrid app development services.

The top 10 frameworks for the development of hybrid mobile apps.

React Native

React Native is using JavaScript to build mobile apps. React Native uses the same basic UI components as standard iOS and Android apps. React Native is the most widely adopted cross-platform hybrid application development framework. With this platform, you use JavaScript and React to build blocks. Most of the modules that are ready to be used to speed up the development cycle. Errors can be easily detected by declarative programming.


Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and Common Language Specials (CLS) are one of the most common frameworks for cross-platform implementation. Developers often use the same code and software while saving valuable programming time. The entire app has been written in C# so that codes can be exchanged with iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. The Xamarin apps are designed to improve user experience with the traditional native user interface.

Mobile Angular UI

One of the major benefits that Mobile Angular UI can offer is that it is free of charge and an open source framework is also available. A frame created with Bootstrap and AngularJs can be considered very comfortable as a Mobile Angular UI. With this platform, you can get the most out of Bootstrap 3 and Angular Framework to create nice mobile HTML5 applications. In the frame, the UI components are like overlays sidebars, scrollbars, navigation bars and switches that do not move on a scroll.


The PhoneGap mobile application framework is another open source open source mobile application development platform and is also known as a simplest framework. It can contact with any backend services written in any language like .NET,JSF,PHP,Java,ASP, etc. through network protocols XmlHTTPRequest, WebSockets,etc. You can use a single coding basis on any iOS and Android device through this platform.It comes with a cloud service called Build which compiles software without the need for SDKs on the server. The validation multiplatform can be easily skipped and the emphasis can only be used to interfaces.


Ionic is also an open-source free framework, similar to other hybrid mobile development frameworks. The full potential of Ionic Framework can be used if combined with AngularJS.CSS portions of the Framework is necessary to build native applications. The applications developed through the Platform use their own CLI for designing, testing and deploying the application for every major operating system.


The framework is also used as a prototyping application tool that allows you to view a prototype of a functional application where necessary for a demo. The most robust and autonomous platform–because it does not depend on AngularJS or React. This focuses only on iOS and Google Material Design to make device design easier, which also offers the best user experience. This tool needs only CSS, JavaScript and HTML information for active development. It offers a variety of UI widgets and features that help develop mobile applications.

Sencha Touch

Sencha is also known for its visual application builders for drag-and-drop HTML5, and has tons of mobile application templates ready to use. Ext JS 5, which helps developers create HTML5 applications, is the main product for enterprise users. You can also create custom components and reuse them in different library applications. Sencha Touch is another enterprise level framework used to build cross-platform web applications with the help of HTML5 and JavaScript. You can also build a new application to build reusability for a number of applications in the library. This is one of the best options for creating mobile apps in commercial spaces.

Onsen UI

Despite AngularJS, Onsen UI is fairly easy to use and can be used free of charge for commercial projects with semantic components. It makes it easier for developers to use native components to build applications. One of the biggest benefits is that it is free and open-source.This framework provides enough number of features like Screen Transition, built-in Theme Roller, Font Awesome,etc Onsen UI also provides documentation assurance on its interfaces and common application frameworks.

Kendo UI

One of the main advantages of Kendo UI is that it's not that hard to learn, because most developers already know jQuery. Not only that, there is also a limited development group team to provide additional technical assistance. Kendo UI is yet another hybrid development framework for mobile applications that is also an HTML5 framework widely used to develop cross-platform mobile applications. For AngularJS and Bootstrap UI frames this can be implemented very quickly.


A simple cross-platform tool allows you to develop your expertise in the development of open-ended mobile solutions. With its Alloy MVC platform, Appcelerator Titanium allows the developer to write JavaScript. Titanium architecture has mixed Xamarin and PhoneGap development environments. Titanium is a platform-based application that fully supports Android and iOS. Finally, the compiled code is a combination of native and JavaScript that further improves the performance of mobile hybrid development. CSS and HTML are not included, however.

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