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We live in a world where over 60 % of the world’s population is online, and nearly a third of the world owns a smartphone. People are connected to each other like never before, and that has presented businesses with the unique ability to turn the entire world into a customer base. The newest growth and profitability is the app market, where over three million different mobile apps present a growing market with competition, and the opportunity to turn hundreds of thousands of free users into paying customers.


That’s where search engine optimization, or ASO, becomes so critical. Our ASO services are highly crucial, considering the advantage of Digital marketing services for mobile app development. Every online business requires ASO services to get downloads and huge traffic to their app. In this context, mTouchlabs is where you will find the best ASO Services in India. We also provide all-around Search engine Optimization Services that give an extra edge for your product in terms of making it more attractive, visible, and successful.


App Store Optimization services is a trending specialty in the world of digital marketing because never since has the app market expanded to such a size that it’s become possible to utilize and use comprehensive marketing factors for a business to bring their mobile app to the top position. We here at mTouchlabs utilize App Store Optimization services to boost your mobile application, increase your brand visibility, increase the download numbers and bring you as close to the top of your category as possible. ASO isn’t exactly just yet – but we’re among the pioneers of App store optimization services companies in Hyderabad who are working relentlessly to deliver the last possibility in the world of SEO for apps.

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Top ASO Services in India
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Affordable ASO Marketing Services

mTouchlabs ASO marketing services services will get you higher views and downloads. Additionally, we make sure that relevant high-quality keywords are leveraged within the mobile app for drawing huge search traffic. Our ASO marketing services company keeps track of and optimizes your app rank performance for relevant keywords.


We use premium advanced tools for monitoring the keywords, keywords competition, search rankings, and competitors. We also optimize the architecture of your mobile app while analyzing the online reviews/ratings. We make sure that your mobile app development has the right update frequency and size.


Our ASO Marketing services help you to improve the ranking of Mobile Applications (apps) directly within application stores (like iTunes, Google Play store, and Windows Store). Over a period of time, our mobile app development company in Hyderabad has emerged as one of the smart and efficient App Store Optimisation services in Hyderabad. The market is so dynamic that the brands not only require the App Store Optimisation services but also they need to reach out to the audience through effective Social Media Optimization and Digital marketing services Hyderabad.


As mTouchlabs is one of the expert Digital marketing service Companies in Hyderabad, we can club both i.e. App Store Optimisation services and SMM services and can help you reach the wider audience which will in-turn enhance your application.

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App Store Optimization Process

We follow the process of optimizing your mobile apps to increase their visibility on app stores


Keyword Research for ASO

We apparently understand that both the iOS App Store and Google Play store have different approaches to ASO. We use various tools to understand the competitors you are targeting, keywords and languages your customers are searching for, and the ones that will drive the most traffic.


App Title

The most important part of App Store Optimization is, the App name or title, needs to be a balance between branding, uniqueness, and relevant keywords that drive search results. We recommend short titles, followed by a vertical bar or a dash, and select keywords for description.


App Description

An app’s description should have a call-to-action function as a - describing what your app does clearly, its features, its products/services, and compelling reasons to download it. Simple, compact, and updated app descriptions will drive downloads.


App Reviews & Ratings

The most important factor in app rankings is the quality of reviews and ratings. Encourage ratings and reviews from happy customers, either through incentives or prompts. We help analyze your existing reviews, increase the volume of ratings, and leverage feedback to improve ASO.


App Logo

An attention-grabbing beautiful logo in bright colors, unique shape, is a key part of your app’s branding.


App Screenshots

Including screenshots and videos allow potential users to visualize your mobile app and will drive downloads. Highlight the best parts of your mobile app, its most popular screens, and its key features!


App Category

In Apple’s App Store, you can pick a primary and secondary category for your app while in the Google Play Store, you can only pick one. Choosing a relevant category is extremely important to success - user mindset, and competitor categories are all valid considerations.


Download & Retention

Post download, app retention, and app engagement are the next challenges to work on a high-quality app. Introducing adding personalization, asking and acting on user feedback, as well as frequent updates to the app will be valuable additions to the lifecycle of the app.

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Best ASO (App Store Optimization) Marketing Agency

Frequently Asked Questions


The technique of optimising mobile apps to appear higher in app store search results is known as ASO (App Store Optimisation). Increasing exposure and encouraging more organic downloads for your app are the two main objectives of ASO.

Some popular ASO tools include:


  • App Annie
  • Sensor Tower
  • Mobile Action
  • APPlyzer
  • Google Keyword Planner (for keyword research)
  • Search Ads (for Apple App Store)
  • Yes, you can publish an app for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. But, there might be costs for specific products and services for registering as a developer.


    Consider search volume, competition, and relevancy when selecting keywords for your app store optimisation. To uncover suitable keywords for your app, use tools such as the ASO tools described above, Keyword Tool, or Google Keyword Planner.

    Because it makes your app more visible and discoverable in the app stores, app optimisation is crucial. You may increase user traffic and downloads by optimising your app's listing with pertinent keywords, enticing descriptions, and eye-catching images. ASO can also help you enhance the performance of your app overall and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience.

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