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What is a Native Mobile App Development?

Native mobile app development refers to the process of creating applications for specific mobile operating systems, such as iOS or Android, using platform-specific programming languages and tools. Unlike cross-platform solutions, native development tailors the app for a particular operating system, allowing it to harness the full potential of the device's capabilities.


Key Features of Native Development


Optimized Performance

Native apps are optimized for the device's hardware, resulting in superior performance and responsiveness. This ensures a smooth user experience, whether navigating through complex functionalities or enjoying multimedia content.


Access to Device Features

Native development grants developers direct access to the device's features and capabilities, such as the camera, GPS, or accelerometer. This enables the creation of feature-rich and innovative applications.


Seamless Integration

Native apps seamlessly integrate with the platform's design guidelines and user interface components. This integration enhances the app's usability and aligns it with the native look and feel of the operating system.


Enhanced Security

Security is a top priority in native development. By adhering to the security measures of the respective platforms, native apps provide a robust environment, protecting user data and ensuring a secure experience.

Native Mobile App Developers

If you are looking for an effective way of creating an impact on the online market with your business plans, then Native App Development is an excellent way to do so. Native mobile app development applications are those apps, which are specifically developed and designed according to a particular platform, which enables the use of device-specific software and hardware.


Native app development can use the resources that are specific to a given Operating System without having an adverse effect on other functionalities. Therefore, if digitalization is what your business needs, then mTouchlabs, a top-tier Native App Development company in Hyderabad, is where you’ll find all your solutions! We use all the latest technologies that are available in the market to provide the best Native Mobile App Development services that can serve you in optimizing your work performance.


A few of our Native mobile App Development services include designing and developing native apps for Android app development, iOS app development, and Windows mobile devices. This Native App Development includes the most engaging features like multitasking, Beacon Technology, 3D Touch, and much more.

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Native App Development framework

We are a Native Application Development Company that delivers the best mobile experiences which can help your business expand and reach a wide audience. Our Native application Development services include iOS app development Services and Android app development Services.


Our Native App Developers at mTouchlabs work hard to deliver the most effective and efficient platform that can boost your business ranking. Our Native Development provides various advantages such as quick hardware loading, faster code performance that is easy to implement through native technologies and cross-platform functionality with user-specific iOS app development, Android app development, or Windows User Interface, and easy scalability.


We provide post Native Development services to help maintain your app and keep it updated. Some of these include hardware and software compatibility checks, developing new mobile application features according to new device functionalities, and providing fixed upgrades for older features. Due to such proficiency in Native development, mTouchlabs has become one of the top Native Application development companies in today’s market.

Our Key Expertise in Native App Development

Explore how mTouchlabs differs from other Native Application Development Companies ?



We assure to keep the whole transparency of the workflow by constantly updating customers about the work status. We also offer adaptable information so that clients can easily interact with project managers.


Source Control

After the completion of the project, you will get the source control of your code. It allows the user to restore the past versions of the original source code and can also make the changes that are stored.


Seamless UI Transition

We create mobile applications by using the effects that make UI elements visible, powerful, and easy to use. Due to the attractive User interface, our apps can fetch and retain users’ interest and become successful in the app arena.


Native iOS App Development

We provide highly reliable and feature-rich native iOS app development services and have strong competencies in Apple SDKs, Core Graphics, UIKit, In-app purchases, Animation, Data, Ads, and Cloud integration.


Native Android App Development

We are well versed with Android Development Kit like OpenGL, Android Media APIs, Graphics, Location-based Service APIs, Android Security Architecture, Wi-Fi APIs, and other technologies needed to build best-in-class Android mobile apps.


Custom Native App Development

We offer custom native app development with cutting-edge features and cloud integration features. With this native development, you can get the best custom native mobile apps at an affordable price.

Hire world-class Native Mobile App developers for your project

Our experienced Native app developers provide highly reliable and feature-rich Native mobile app development services

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Why should you choose mTouch Labs for Native App Development ?

mTouch labs is regarded as a top reputed Native App Development Services Providers in India.

Our reliable Native App Development Company in India, assisting firms to succeed in the mobile-first world. Our Native Mobile App Development Company focuses on engineering reliable, scalable, and robust apps. Our Native Developers team and extensive industry experience are our most significant and biggest assets. We are comprised of professional iOS app developers and Android app developers having in-depth knowledge of their respective fields.


Our Native Development Company always welcomes unique mobile app ideas and the diverse requirements of clients. Being a leading Native Application Development Company in India, we put special focus on the enhancement of our technical expertise. We build native mobile apps which are especially for the device’s operating system your customers are using. So get savvy Android app development and iOS app development depending upon your needs. And since native mobile applications are made for one platform - you get to target both iOS mobile apps and Android mobile app users in one go.


Our Native App Development team holds extensive expertise in native development and has successfully designed thousands of mobile applications. Our expertise in mobile app development and hard work help us to become a trusted company in this market. We provide post-deployment services to support your mobile application and keep it updated. Some of these include software and hardware compatibility check, developing new innovative application features according to new device functionalities, and providing fixed upgrades for older features. Due to our vast services, mTouchlabs has become one of the top Native Mobile Apps Development Companies in today’s market.

Benefits of Native App Development

Various benefits of developing a native mobile app rather than hybrid/web apps. Benefits of having a native app are:


High Performance

Native apps have direct access to the device features which in turn results in an overall better app performance



Native mobile apps provide a responsive, reliable, and extremely fast experience to users



While using Native mobile apps, users expect certain specific design patterns and functionality such as multi-touch and zoom.


Powerful IDE Tools

Native development IDEs implement specialized tools to build anything from designing to testing that is not available to any cross-development platforms


Standard Guidelines for Development

Since native apps are built according to anchor standard guidelines placed by the operating system, User Interface is very much familiar to all app users.


Native Look and Feel

People are more satisfied using these native apps that resemble default apps and which provide a friendly user experience.

Our Native Mobile App Development Services

Our professional native app developers have built various scalable and reliable mobile apps for customers in diverse verticals of the industry

Android OS Native Apps
iOS Native Apps
Wearable Native Apps
AI-Based Native Apps
Blockchain Native Apps
Android Tablet App Development
iPad App Development
AR App Development
Custom Native Apps

Frequently Asked Questions


In app development, the term "native language" refers to the programming language specifically designed for a particular platform or operating system. For instance, Swift and Objective-C are native languages for iOS app development, while Java and Kotlin are native languages for Android app development. Using the native language ensures optimal performance and seamless integration with the features and capabilities of the targeted platform.

A classic example of a native app is the Instagram application. Instagram utilizes native development to provide a tailored and optimized experience for both iOS and Android users. By employing Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android, Instagram achieves superior performance, smooth navigation, and seamless integration with device features, showcasing the advantages of native app development.

Native App Development

  • Tailors separate codebases for each platform.
  • Optimizes performance for each platform's native language.

    Cross-Platform App Development

  • Utilizes a single codebase for multiple platforms.
  • Balances performance and code reuse.
  • For developing native iOS apps, Apple provides the Swift programming language. Swift was introduced by Apple in 2014 as a modern, fast, and safe programming language specifically designed for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS development. Prior to Swift, Objective-C was the primary language for iOS app development.

    Swift offers several advantages, including readability, syntax clarity, and improved performance compared to Objective-C. It has quickly become the preferred language for many iOS developers. Additionally, Apple's integrated development environment (IDE) called Xcode is commonly used for iOS app development, providing tools and resources for Swift programming and app testing on simulators or physical devices

    Optimized Performance

    Native apps deliver superior performance, leveraging the full potential of the device's hardware.


    Seamless Integration

    Integration with device features is seamless, offering a cohesive and native user experience.


    Enhanced User Experience

    Platform-specific design guidelines are followed, resulting in a more intuitive and visually appealing interface.


    Access to Latest Features

    Developers can promptly adopt and integrate the latest features and updates offered by the operating system.


    Increased Security

    Adhering to platform-specific security measures ensures a secure environment for user data.


    Better Discoverability

    Native apps are featured prominently in platform-specific app stores, enhancing discoverability and user reach.

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