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WordPress Website Development Services

We are a professional WordPress Web Development Company In India with more than 12+ years of experience in custom WordPress Development. By harnessing the power of WordPress CMS, mTouchlabs dominates the face of the web development industry by providing exceptional WordPress development services. We provide high-performing and easy-to-manage WordPress Web Development Services for clients with better business results.


With our WordPress Web development services, you can get your WordPress Plugin Development using the latest technologies in a very short time. Our professional WordPress Development Company analyzes your business requirements and chooses the best themes and plugins to make your WordPress website reflect your brand. We do this by delivering you goal-oriented customized, and full-scale WordPress Web Development services according to your requirements.


By incorporating innovative methodologies, scalability, and flexibility, we provide you with the most effective WordPress Development services at a competitive price to ensure complete satisfaction. Our skilled team of WordPress Web developers can analyze your complete WordPress Plugin Development requirements and offer professional assistance. Share your ideas with us, and we will transform that inspiration into top-notch WordPress Plugin Development with versatile importance that satisfies your customer’s needs.

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Types of Wordpress Development

Explore our wide range of result driven WordPress development services


Custom WordPress Development

Our WordPress development team transforms your web requirements and builds a customized WordPress website for you.


WordPress Plugin

We develop various plugins especially for adding new features and expanding the functionality of your website


WordPress Theme Customization

We use a unique and eye-catchy professional website theme for your web development.


WordPress Testing

We perform Q/A Testing to analyze the website performance and make the required changes.


WordPress Integration

Our WordPress integration services help you integrate the website seamlessly, securely, and cost-effectively.


WordPress Support & Maintenance

Our web development company offers complete support and maintenance for the smooth running & high performance of your website.

Hire world-class Wordpress Developers for your project

Our professional WordPress designers are experienced and passionate about building world-class website

Wordpress Plugin Development

Why Choose us for Wordpress Web Development?

mTouch labs is regarded as a top reputed Wordpress Web Development Services Providers in India.

At mTouchlabs, our WordPress designers have the experience and gained a top place in WordPress websites development. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled WordPress designers who have a deep understanding of the web development platform.


Our WordPress designers team can accomplish every WordPress development project with the most perfection irrespective of the complexity. We carry a range of robust custom WordPress web development services in India that will give growth to your online business presence and boost your sales. With our exceptional WordPress development services, we promise to provide you with a website of superior performance that suits your organization’s specific needs.


Benefits of Wordpress

WordPress websites are easy to maintain and can be developed easier and quicker.


Easily Scalable

Your WordPress website evolves with your business and is very easy to scale.


More Plugins

There are a number of plugins for everything on WordPress to help you add more features and functionalities.


More Themes

Choose from various themes that suit your business offerings or get them customized.


Search Engine Optimized

Added search engine-friendly functionalities that help your WordPress websites rank high.


Completely Customizable

Customize your WordPress website as your company needs to create a unique identity.


Mobile-Friendly Website

Target the ever-increasing mobile customer base with a seamless mobile-friendly site.

Frequently Asked Questions


WordPress development refers to the process of creating websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS). WordPress is a popular and user-friendly platform that allows developers and non-developers alike to build and manage websites efficiently. It offers a range of themes, plugins, and customization options, making it versatile for various types of websites, from blogs and portfolios to e-commerce sites.

While it's possible to create a basic website on WordPress without coding, some level of coding knowledge can be beneficial for more advanced customization. WordPress provides a user-friendly interface, allowing users to build websites through themes and plugins. However, coding skills in languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP can be valuable for making specific design changes or implementing custom functionalities.

Yes, WordPress itself is an open-source software, and it is free to use. Users can download, install, and modify the WordPress software without any cost. However, there might be associated costs with hosting, domain registration, premium themes, and plugins if users choose to enhance their website with additional features or a more personalized design.

WordPress: WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that simplifies website creation and management. It is user-friendly and doesn't require extensive coding skills. It's an excellent choice for blogs, small business websites, and content-based sites.


Web Development: Web development is a broader term encompassing the entire process of creating websites or web applications. It includes both front-end development (user interface and user experience) and back-end development (server-side logic and databases). Web development can involve various technologies and frameworks beyond CMS platforms like WordPress.

Blogger: Blogger is a simple blogging platform owned by Google. It is straightforward to use and suitable for beginners. However, it has limited customization options compared to WordPress.


WordPress: WordPress offers more flexibility and scalability. It is a versatile CMS that can be used for various types of websites, not just blogs. It provides a vast library of themes and plugins for customization. WordPress is often considered the better choice for those looking for a broader range of features and customization options.

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