Call Management Mobile App Development For Managing CRM Business

Pi.VA. app is a multipurpose call management mobile application development that helps to solve many working issues

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About Pistavasase(Pi.Va)

Pi.VA. app is a multipurpose call management mobile app development that helps to solve many working issues. In particular, this call management app is widely used in the real estate business, sales and marketing, track leads, customer interaction, partner relationships, and various departments to automate interaction with customers and improve their experience. By simplifying your contacts and sales into a simple, easy to use, sales pipeline, Pi.Va Call Management app makes managing your business easy.

It is used daily by thousands of self–employed, freelance & sales reps, sales managers, real estate people and various business owners worldwide. This makes monitoring of your customer’s performance on calls easier and allows you to make required changes accordingly. Pi.Va call management Mobile app development is a Customer Relationship Management app that helps professionals, freelancers, small businesses, and salesmen to track, acquire, retain and delight more customers /clients by smart features.


Standard Features List Of This CRM Software Mobile Application Development

Let’s Go Through The Features Of this CRM Software Mobile App development

Our flexible CRM software is able to work in such a way that it doesn’t need a complicated setup or costly hardware.

This feature ensures that calls are automatically organized based on certain customizations.

Beyond the IVR system, is the important ability of your call center management software to be integrate-able to your sales or marketing CRM software.

You can get a full performance report of your call center or contact center agents, from the number of calls made and received; quality of calls; on-call time, and so on.






On-demand CRM app for managing real estate business, sales, leads

Lead Management App

This Call management app is a CRM software app that comes with a feature that allows users to contain a list of all the customers to be contacted. Each user is provided with 100 phone numbers daily. This Pi.Va customer relationship management app user makes calls to each and every customer provided with the number and updates the feedback of the call.


There are different actions that the user can take when they call the customer to offer for the property, sales, and leads etc. The sections consist of Interested, Not Interested, Follow-ups, Not answered, Switch off and Not reachable. So, the user has to update the result after every call. Using the CRM software feature in the Pi.Va app, the employee can keep a track of all his customer responses and create follow-up activities. So, get yourself a mobile app for your business from our Mobile application development company in Hyderabad .

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App Screens

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1. Intelligently allocate calls automatically across various agents depending upon precise parameters


2. Operate our single and dual-channel recordings for agent training and conflict resolution.


3. Engage with customers and build a personalized experience operating Smart IVR.


4. Redirect incoming calls to any number depending on your requirements. We support both conditional forwarding and unconditional forwarding.


5. Track all inbound and outbound calls utilizing a single dashboard.


6. Route calls to the correct agent automatically using different types of routing – sequential routing, equal routing, emergency routing, and sticky agent routing



1. Save time and handle customer calls efficiently using our feature-rich call management software.


2. Track the details of each missed call automatically and get back to these customers at your comfort.


3. Automatically track important metrics like the number of missed calls, average answer time, and more.


4. Use features like automated call campaigns to stop manual or repetitive tasks.


5. Integrate with your CRM software to handle leads and customers more efficiently.