Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Features Of Flutter 3.0


It has only been 3 months since Flutter revealed its support for Windows, and here we are, with the latest Flutter update version. This all-new Flutter 3.0 version is stable for Linux and macOS and supports Apple Silicon. The Flutter app development version upgrade from Flutter 2 to Flutter 3.0 bridges the journey from a mobile-centric to a multi-platform framework.


Flutter app development is now an undisputed and famous cross-platform mobile app development UI toolkit for building natively compiled mobile applications. Flutter application development helps the Flutter App Developers with productivity that permits any mobile app development company to set up new ideas in the market from the very beginning. The best thing about Flutter application development is that it is better than just a Google product, and everyone can taste its success.


Flutter latest version releases have been a roller coaster ride for mobile app developers. And the Flutter 3.0 version is all set and prepared with compelling support to enhance productivity. Before exploring what’s new in Flutter 3.0, a quick review of Flutter’s journey is a must. If you are preparing to hire Flutter app developers or use Flutter in your mobile app development tech stack, you must want to know about the Flutter 3 version. So this blog gives you entire information about the latest release Flutter version.


Throwback to Flutter App Development Journey


It all started back in 2018 when Google released the Flutter 1.0 version. Ever since the Flutter framework has been integrated with new functionalities with every release; some important updates and features will be included. Using the amazing cross-platform mobile application development since its inception, we take pride in being a prominent Flutter app development company.


And now, many of the world’s most popular mobile apps and rapidly growing startups are leveraging Flutter. Among Alibaba and Google itself, WeChat, ByteDance, SHEIN, BMW, and apps from various industries have secured their growth with Flutter development. After a thoughtful overview of Flutter, let us now proceed to the present and the latest version of Flutter 3 and what new it brings.


A Brief Summary of Updates And Features in Flutter's Latest Version


Foldable Phones Support

The Flutter version provides reliable support for foldable mobile devices. It has new features that enable developers to build dynamic and responsive mobile app development for foldable mobile phones. This feature has been made feasible after the collaboration with Microsoft.


macOS Support

Flutter has new inputs for platform-specific integration. It offers more suitable accessibility and interactive models for compilation. The primary objective of this update is to give better flexibility to flutter developers so they can efficiently utilize the MAC operating system.


Improvements in Firebase Integration

In the Flutter 3 version, developers will find a new widget called "FlutterFire UI" which offers flutter app developers reusable UI support for authentication and profile screens. Therefore, the integration of the new widget [FlutterFire UI] will give a more powerful user interface reusability.


Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

Flutter is mostly famous for cross-platform mobile application development. But now, they can also build mobile games in the Flutter apps. It comes with the Casual Games Toolkit which provides a range of templates, and dedicated support for creating lightweight mobile games for various operating systems.


Dart 2.17

Flutter 3 comes with a new Dart version 2.17 with new updates and add-ons. In addition to this, the Dart 2.17 version comes with many improvements in its core tools concentrating on enhancing the productivity and speed of the Flutter application developers.


Material 3 Support

Flutter 3 offers fresh support in the [Material You] feature with the latest version of Material 3.0. It contains unique visual effects and design elements that help mobile app developers and flutter application development companies take more advantage of the Material You feature of Flutter.


Theme Extensions

Flutter 3 comes with comprehensive theme extensions. It allows developers to connect anything to the ThemeData with the help of Theme extensions. If you have a custom widget outside the "MatrialThemeDat" properties that need custom attributes, with this feature you can reduce the complexity of developing custom theme attributes for your widgets.


Companies all over the world are using the Flutter framework, despite its open-source nature. Flutter 3 version supports accessibility services in production applications, creating it more consistent with major platforms. With the help of this latest version of the Flutter app, Mobile App Developers can create state-of-the-art apps for any user. So, download the Flutter 3 version to reap the advantages it can bring to your user base.