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About Medbuzz

Medbuzz app view in play store & View in app store is an online generic medicine app that intends to provide generic medicines of prescribed brands at the most affordable prices. They deliver both generic medicine as well as specified brand name medicine at your doorstep depending upon the requirement. You can make an order with the Medbuzz app in a few clicks in order to receive medicine at your home.

They provide discounts on generic medicines and other healthcare products. If you are buying medicine in bulk this is the perfect app for you as it saves you time and money to get medicine at your home. Medbuzz is one of India's top online generic medicine apps specializing in generic medicines.


Buy Generic medicine online at the best prices from this Medicine delivery mobile app development. It is a one-stop shop for quality online generic medicine at affordable prices delivering all over India with over 11000 pin codes.


Buy Generic medicine online at 90% economical prices because they are directly delivered from the manufacturer to the consumer. At Medbuzz they constantly work towards ensuring access to high-quality and buy Generic medicines online and branded medicines to support patients in need.

Standard Features List Of This Online Grocery Medicine Mobile Application Development

Let’s go through the amazing feature of this Generic online Medicine App

The Medbuzz mobile app has been developed keeping all kinds of users in mind and is therefore extremely easy to use.

Users avail of discounts of up to 50% on generic medicines. To ensure the trust and safety of these medicines, they sell medicines only from the top, trusted pharma companies

They deliver affordable and same-day delivery of generic medicines to pin codes all over India.

To make it easy for less educated customers to buy generic medicines, we have created a feature in the app where users can search for their medicines on the app by clicking pictures of their medicines.






Top Rated Generic Pharmacy Website Development

Online Generic Mobile App and web Development

Medbuzz view in website is a fully functional healthcare generic pharmacy app that services its customers across the world. They believe in providing quality and affordable generic medicine to people from the comfort of their homes. Updating the traditional idea of purchasing medicine through a digital platform for a flawless experience.


This facilitates the acquisition and delivery of medicines and healthcare items at reasonable prices. This generic pharmacy Website development is a one-stop destination with over one lakh medicines available at the simplest price. They provide a variety of healthcare items with quick access and outstanding customer support.


Furthermore, this generic pharmacy app offers an entire range of authentic and renowned brands of medicines. They believe in simplifying the healthcare system and making buying generic medicine easy and affordable for all!

Color palette


Tiffany Blue


North Texas Green




App Screens

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Admin Screens

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Customer App Features


Customers should be able to register in the app through their mobile number, email id, and social channels.


Upload Prescription

Customers can take a photo of their prescription and upload it


Search Medicines

Customers can be able to search for medicines easily through filters like categories, names, brands, etc


Medicines Details

For an informed purchase, buyers should be able to check the details or descriptions of Medicines, and manufacturers and compare prices.


Find Substitute

This app enables customers to find alternative generic drugs by named brand composition.


Track Order

Customers can be able to track the status of their order dispatched through a tracking id.


Make Payments

This app allows customers to make secured online payments through cards, net banking, or wallet.


Push Notification

This feature will help customers to receive notifications like offers, deals, promos, etc.

Pharmacy App Features

1. Manage Products

The pharmacy owner will update and manage the product details like drug description, quantity, expiry date, and essential medication instructions.


2. Product Listings

Pharmacists can add or upload and feature medicine images, cost, and category.


3. Digital Prescriptions

The pharmacist views digitized prescriptions uploaded by the customer.


4. Manage Prices

For meeting engaged marketing strategies, pharmacists can be able to easily change medicine prices.


5. Order History

This feature allows pharmacists to access the complete order history in the past, date, and month wise.


6. Manage Payments

Pharmacists can keep track of all payment details in real-time.