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NTik Is A Made In India Short Video Sharing Mobile App Development To Create And Share Short Videos

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About NTIK

NTik app view in play store is a made in India short video sharing app to create video clips set to music and share to their Stories. Similar to TikTok, NTik is the Entertainment Short Video sharing app and is now available in India and other countries developed by mTouch labs, regarded as a top tier mobile app development company in India.

NTik Video creation app makes a new way to build your community and grow your reach on social platforms. Videos in the NTik app make it easy to build genuine relationships with your customer base and strengthen the community you’re trying to build. They are also a crazy, fun, and engaging way to share viral snippets with your audience. NTik Video creation app is the trendsetter for the Entertainment Short Video sharing app.


The bouquet of NTik consists of the funniest, emotional, memorable, Lip-Sync, Dubbing ,exciting and many more types of short videos. This short video creation mobile app development is the best platform to show your innovation by video creation.

Features Of This Video Creation Mobile Application Development

You’ll see a variety of features in this Android application development to help create your short videos

Search for a song from the NTik music library. You can also use your own original audio by simply recording a video with it. When you create and share original audio, your audio will be attributed to you, and if you have a public account, people can create videos with your audio by selecting the “Use Audio” option.

Select various effects in the effect gallery, created by creators all over the world.

Set the timer to record any of your short video clips hands-free. Once you press on the record option, you’ll see a countdown, before recording begins.

Choose the speed up or slow down part of the video. This can help you make slow-motion videos.

You can share your short video, where it has the chance to be seen and discovered by the wider community. When you share your short videos featuring certain songs, hashtags, or effects, your video may appear on dedicated pages when someone clicks on that song, hashtag, or effect.

Private account follows your privacy settings on NTik app. People will not be able to use original audio and cannot share your videos with others who don’t follow you.






Be a part of the largest short video-sharing community of creators

Mobile Application Development

Be a part of the largest short video-sharing community of creators & like-minded people in India. NTik welcomes millions of people to watch interesting videos, inspired by talented artists. It’s a social media platform where people get the opportunity to create lip-sync and dub-making videos to show their hidden talent to millions of viewers.


It helps the hidden talent to become the star of short video applications through its ability to create innovative videos and increase the engaged followers. We, at mTouchlabs, a top-notch Mobile app development company in Hyderabad have brought customized video sharing Android application development .

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App Screens

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Salient Features

1. Create videos and share them on social media platforms


2. Smooth and easy video making features


3. Edit videos using various editing features within no time


4. More trending and crazy effects to create various quality videos.


5. Unlimited music like Bollywood, Hollywood, pop, regional, music albums, and many more…


Unique Features

1. Create short desi videos from the best creation tools available. The app allows you to edit videos, add filters, trending stickers, and cool effects.


2. Create latest videos in slow-motion, time-lapse, studio light, contour light, portraits with natural light, stage & stage mono light.


3. Rich, diversely growing music library with all the trending collections.


4. Snack on interesting videos from dance, funny, comedy, jokes, prank, home remedies, travel video, vlog, singing, duets, and full-on entertainment.


5. Celebrate Festivals and spread joy with the NTik app community.