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Online Ecommerce Web Development For Selling Telangana Handicrafts Products

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About Golkonda Handicrafts


The online shopping mobile application development and e-commerce web development has been gaining wide-spread attention. There are a vast range of Handicrafts/Handlooms products in Telangana and there should be an ideal platform to sell, promote, and market the products online for the benefit of artisans in Telangana and showcase the achievements of Telangana handicrafts

Golkondashop is a Telangana state government handicrafts eCommerce website for selling handicrafts and handlooms online. Such e-commerce web development and mobile app development can entertain multiple audiences because it’s a simplified way to fulfill one’s needs quickly and efficiently.


The Challenges

Telangana government approached the professional mobile app development team of mTouchlabs with a need for e-commerce web development through which one can buy handicrafts/handlooms products such as paintings, bangles, Nirmal, dokra, bidriware, brass, stone carving, banjara works, wooden panels, etc. on the website.

The prime challenge before the team of mTouchlabs was mapping the absolute requirements with the set of ideas and tools for the Telangana government project development. We were headed towards building a full-fledged PHPe-commerce web development solution and also an Online shopping e-commerce mobile app development.


The Solution

A robust, secure, and multi-functional PHP e-commerce web development and e-commerce mobile application development as an outcome of an online shopping app design. The site allows the user to buy various handicraft products effortlessly and speedily. The handicraft/handlooms products made in Hyderabad can be purchased through the website or mobile app.

This Telangana government Web development Golconda handicrafts have also an E-Commerce mobile app development. It has a mobile-friendly user interface and it is simple to use and easy to understand mobile application development. Golkonda shop exclusively trades multiple varieties of handcrafted and handloom products that are available on the website where you can choose your desired one. Moreover, all these products are sold at a reasonable price tag with the utmost standards.


Features Of Golkonda Handicrafts ECommerce PHP Website Development

The solution of eCommerce PHP website development by the team of mTouchlabs has the following unbeatable features

  • Easy profile setup with frequents update and maintenance
  • Easy sign-up and easy shopping of the products
  • User portfolio management
  • Transaction records for products sold
  • Listing of products with relevant details
  • Online checkout
  • Transaction Management
  • User-oriented online shopping app Design
  • Compatible with various desktop operating systems and mobiles
  • Technologies used:- Laravel & PHP



360-Degree Product Photography 3D View

Ecommerce Mobile Application Development

Golkonda shop website has a full series of integrated 360-degree product photography software that allows users to easily view 3D product images in different formats. It combines multiple cameras with 360 software.


The 360-degree product photography software controls the cameras and facilitates the creation of 3D product animations. These 360-degree product photography services let customers easily explore the handicrafts product by dragging and clicking them as per their needs. Once they are satisfied with the details of the product, there are higher chances that they will turn up and purchase your products.

Color palette
Persian Plum


Desert Sand




Cool Grey


App Screens

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Website Screens

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Core Features

1. Simplified And Advanced Product-Lookup

Users can find the necessary handcrafted/handloom products very quickly with specific build-up search options.


2. Simplified Registration & Check Out

SA user can open an account in the golkonda shop app store with a very simple and safe registration process.


3. Easygoing Shopping Cart

Customers can save their chosen products by the shopping cart feature which helps them in finding the handicrafts and handloom products easily while purchasing them.


4. E-commerce Wallet

If a buyer wants to pay in advance, the payment can be referred to the shopping app wallet, which allows secure checkout for the customer.


5. Trouble-free Flexible Payment

The card payments like debit cards, credit cards, or cash cards linking up options make the payment fast.


6. Real-Time Order Monitoring

The users can track down the progress of their product regarding delay reasons and so on.

Business Centric Solutions

1. 24*7 Client Assistance

Availability of assistance and post-deployment support with dedicated customer support.


2. Agile Development Approach

Rapid project development with seamless communication between all stakeholders for training and support.


3. Full-stack Development

Highly experienced and professional cross-functional skilled resources with various technologies that aim to stimulate software development and shorten time to market.


4. Flexible Engagement Options

Tailor-made and adaptable engagement plans to accommodate every small or big need with 100% scalability and security of technology resources.