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Kalptaruh is a plant sapling Non government organization Android App Development

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About Kalptaruh

Kalp Taruh view in play store is a key plantation project Non government organization Android app development to ensure land restoration and promote higher-order values developed by our Mobile app development company in India. The main aim of this NGO Mobile app development is to enhance awareness among the people and the ability to take actions that are sustainable and responsible towards nature.

With this Android app development, Kalptaruh Non Profit mobile app aims to combine the sacred revolution to nurture a tree as well as the soul via values, as this project is to deliver sustenance to both the plant and the person who plants. Each sapling planted as part of this Non government organization app project will be recorded in the app for documentation. Through this NGO plantation Android app development, they will share creative activities, Affirmations, short stories Meditation commentaries related to Values for personal sustenance.


They will also share suggestions and techniques to support the sustenance of saplings through this Non profit app development. You could choose places like schools, temples, gardens, or places of worship, hospitals, roadsides, agricultural or fallow land, the periphery of farms, mixed forestry, or industrial areas depending upon their requirements. Also, when other varieties of plants are planted in a common space, the growth is better, biodiversity is enhanced and sustenance of the plants becomes easier. Using the Kalptaruh Android app development you can register a sapling to start with.


Standard Features List Of This Non Profit Mobile App Development

Let’s go through the amazing feature of this Plantation App

Individual user or group can register to scalp a plant by providing the type the plant and entering the pincode

You can see the detailed view and journey of your plantations in this plant journey field in this non profit mobile app

Detailed statistics of the tree plantations of the respective state can be seen here. We can also find the type of the plants planted in this section

Customers can chat with the Kalptaruh organization with this feature






How does this Kalptaruh NGO Mobile Application Development works?

Plantation Mobile App

To have a large-scale impact and bring about a global transformation they have open space to collaborate with all small, and large, government and non-government institutions like universities, schools, forest departments, faith-based organizations, hospitals, community spaces, special homes, etc.


Using the Kalptaruh Non Profit Mobile application development you can register a sapling and place where you are going to do it. Thereafter, people go through a self-empowerment journey for 75 days via various activities, short stories, classes, etc based on a divine virtue that can be taught by the individuals connected to the center/Pataskala. Anyone can use the Kalptaruh NGO Mobile application development to get to know about the techniques to plant saplings and to know how spirituality we are connected to the environment.


This Kalptaruh Non Profit Mobile application development creates a platform where Brahma Kumaris' message for environment-related work would be shared easily across the country. Lakhs of people would be satisfied from the awareness about the environment, values, etc.

Color palette
MSU Green


Light Brown


Davy's Grey


Rich Black


App Screens

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Steps for Plant Sapling

Identify the Land

identify the land that belong to the Brahma Kumaris, local authorities, students,, green NGOs, etc


Finalize the Land

These lands could be like gardens, schools, temples near the center, farms, mixed forestry or industrial areas


Identify the Trees/Fruit of local varieties

Every province has certain indigenous plants that comfortably grow in the temperature and weather conditions of that region. Choose the plants mentioned in the app.


Register the plant on the app

The app will have all the required information about the plant sapling and will help in proper documentation


Benefits of collaborating with Kalptaruh?

1. Being a part of the key plantation initiative of the government.


2. The logo of the organization will be showcased on all the banners and the mobile app which will reach at least 40 lakh individuals.


3. Contributing to the environment and creating a value-based society.


4. Ensuring precise, effective and optimum use of their resources.


5. Great opportunity to get like-minded people who operate in various fields of environment work