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Mynet is a community platform Mobile app development to connect with people


About Mynet

Mynet view in play store & view in AppStore is a Social community app where you discover communities, creators, and events of your interest. With mTouch Lab's Community platform app development, you can connect with your colleagues, ask questions, find resources, and see what’s happening in your community – no matter where you are.

It is a premier Social community app development that allows users to chat with one another, anywhere and anytime. With this mobile app development, users can send messages to other users without having to share their personal info and phone numbers. Keeping up with the community faster and easier than ever with this Community platform app development. Share updates, and interact with community members, and be connected to communities important to you.


Mynet Social community app empowers you to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience to the users. Engage with other community members and their top leaders. Join, follow and interact to stay updated about your community and surroundings with this Community platform app development. In this world where everyone is getting separated, this Online community app development provides you a room to connect with like-minded people who communicate your interests


Mynet Online community Mobile app development is more than just an app, it is about producing an environment where the whole community can connect and share their views, ideas, work, and knowledge.

Standard Features List Of This Online Community Platform Mobile Application Development

Let’s go through the amazing feature of this community App

In Mynet’s app maker, you can create your own user profiles by placing images and writing the bio. Each user can see other users, just like on the other online community apps!

People join from the various levels of communities from school, college, or graduate level. You can browse through various communities and join your favorite communities to engage with like-minded people and learn new things.

It is an online community platform where anyone can express their views, ideas, and thoughts and share their knowledge, experiences, and content.

Allowing users to request, message and comment is convincingly the most essential part of this app.



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How does this Social community Mobile Application Development works?

Online Mobile App

With a vision to build an inclusive community experience that is positive, informative, and knowledgeable. Mynet social community Mobile application development aims to create communities where people are free to express themselves and connect. with various people out there. Share your views, write, and discuss.


Make lifelong connections and supportive community networks. Increase productivity and time management using this social community Mobile application development. This app takes user security and data privacy very seriously, hence, users can engage with the community without worrying about their privacy, while they take care of it.


The creator leads communities on Mynet will get better and more engaging with elements that enable better interaction between creators and also within the communities.

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App Screens

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Admin Screens

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Mynet App Features

Make a profile, join the community, and build your own community network.


Follow various community-level publishers, people, and organizations.


Get a notification when any member comments on your post or follows your profile.


Manage content in your community app feed by updating your following list


Mynet App Benefits

1. Connect with your communities and develop your network.


2. Create a community of your own.


3. stay updated with recent activities in your community.


4. Be a part of the community events.


5. Offer help by providing help to community members.


6. Share your thoughts on important topics within the community.